Writing Romance

I remember being a child in middle school, writing ideas down for stories (think Sweet Valley High) and wondering if I had to wait until I was an adult to write adult dialogue. It was a challenge for me; though I knew some things about being an adult, I was still a child. A novice.

So I find myself in the same situation as I write Speak Tenderly To Her. If you’re not a romance writer, it’s a bit of a challenge to write romance. Not the romance part, but the love part. The intimate part. I’m somewhat conservative, but I’m no prude. I can talk about sex, I can use words that describe the act. Apparently, though, I can’t write it.

For me, the story is the important part. If there’s no story, then the erotic parts are pointless. With a story though, those parts should enhance the tale. They should help advance the characters and the direction they are moving towards. Yes, I am on a soap box, but I think this is important. It’s all subjective of course, but quality should always be a goal and unfortunately in this age of self-publishing, it isn’t always.

This bring me to my style of writing. Each author should have their own voice. It doesn’t make one book better than another, just preferred. My voice excludes graphic language, but still paints a picture. It’s my first go at this genre, so we’ll see what my beta readers have to say, but I’m confident of the quality and the story.

I’ll be posting another sample from the book in the next few days. Let me know what you think.

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