Upcoming Weeks/Story Sample

It’s just a few short weeks until the release of Speak Tenderly To Her. I’m posting another sample today which follows the events of the last piece. In the next week or so, I will be updating my Works-in-Progress page. My plan is to finish The Pledge next, as I work on my next romance/women’s lit novel. As always, thanks for stopping by my site. 

* * *

Tory found he was more embarrassed than anything else after seeing the way his mother treated Isobel and as he listened to her put down the woman who was still his wife, all he could think about was Pastor Martin’s admonition to speak tenderly to Isobel. His mother certainly wasn’t and yes she had called Isobel far worse throughout the years, but this time he could hear the hatred behind the words his mother spouted. He certainly understood it, but watching Isobel cower as she did, watching the way she didn’t argue back and just accepted the horrible things his mother said made him ashamed of his own thoughts. Whatever Isobel had done, she did not deserve the indignity of being barraged by hurtful words and this only steeled his resolve to forgive her, if for no other reason than to finally let her go.

After saying good night to her, Tory went to his room and shut the door. His cell phone rang. It was the church – probably Pastor Martin. He knew why the man was calling: he had found a bed for Isobel. And that was great. It’s what they all wanted, especially him; what he had been waiting two weeks for.

So why was his heart beating so hard?

Clearing his throat, Tony answered the phone, but it wasn’t the minister.

“This is Nancy Syas, the director of the mission. I apologize for calling late, but Pastor Martin asked me to contact you as he was called to an emergency.”

“Is everything okay?”

“Oh, yes. It is now. Just part of his pastoral duties.”

Tory nodded, though he knew the woman on the other end couldn’t see it.

“Again, he asked me to give you a call regarding Isobel. Unfortunately, we don’t have an open bed for her and I know he had promised to update you.”

She paused and though Tory knew what she was going to ask, he didn’t feel annoyed or betrayed.

“I know this was unplanned from the start but…”

“She can stay here,” he finished without hesitation.

“Are you certain? We don’t want to inconvenience you.”

“Yeah, it’s no problem,” he assured her. “She can stay as long as she needs to.”

Tory imagined he could hear the woman smile as she spoke, “Thank you so much, Doctor Jamison.”

She told him Pastor Martin would follow-up with him and thanked him again before hanging up. Tory replaced his phone on the dresser, marveling that he was really was okay with Isobel staying with him for a little while longer.

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