Weekend Writing Warriors – Good Advice


Howdy. It’s another week of Weekend Writing Warriors. Today’s post comes from my new book, Speak Tenderly To Her. 

Last week Tory surprised Isobel with a dinner request and tender words.  She wasn’t quite sure of what to make of it. After all, he was justified in his attitude towards her. But that didn’t guarantee him peace and following a week of bitterness and misery, Tory received some advice he couldn’t ignore. 

You can read the full synopsis here. As always, I love your comments and feedback. 

4-Speak Tenderly To Her

What was it Pastor Martin said?

“‘If he could remember what their love was, then he could begin to see her as someone worth cherishing, someone to be taken care of, someone to be forgiven.'”

Tory had to admit her company wasn’t all that bad: she did help him with all the things she used to do, without the fussing, of course. He chuckled as he recalled how his habits annoyed her to no end – like the laundry: how often did they have to rewash his clothes, or God forbid, her clothes, because he forgot to finish what he began? It was a little endearing, thinking about the colors her face made when she discovered her good underwear had been sitting wet in the washer for a day, growing mold. It was then he would take her in his arms and kiss her plump, juicy lips.

But she left, came that voice.

I have to start somewhere, he told himself. He wasn’t ready to offer his forgiveness, but he could offer a friendly word.

12 thoughts

  1. Wow, I love the emotion here, and the POV is great. Even out of context, you’ve managed to establish their relationship and love, and the conflict, in 8 sentences. Great job 🙂

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