Weekend Writing Warriors: Stay or Go?


It’s another week of Weekend Writing Warriors. Today’s post comes from my new book, Speak Tenderly To Her and continues from last week’s. While Tory is talking to Rebecca, Isobel is debating with herself – stay or go. As always, I love your comments and feedback. The synopsis is below. 

* * *

She could just leave. Slip out while Tory was talking to his girlfriend. He wouldn’t know, and even if he did, he wouldn’t miss her. Yes, he seemed willing to be nice to her earlier, but he was too infatuated with this other woman to pay Isobel any mind.

Just pack your bags and go. Throw all your things into your backpack, leave what doesn’t fit, just like last time. There is nothing here you need…

But you promised you would be faithful.

* * *

Isobel has4-Speak Tenderly To Her spent her life running from the mistakes of her past, but she is ready to settle down now. Unfortunately second chances aren’t easy to come by, especially when you’ve hurt the person you love the most and Isobel did that four years ago, when she walked out on her husband Tory.

Thanks to the machinations of their pastor though, Isobel finds herself back under the same roof as Tory. The familiarity has her yearning for what used to be, but she knows there’s no way he’s going to accept the truth of her return, much less love her again. And she’s right: when Tory is confronted with all the pain and emotions he thought he’d left behind, he refuses to let go of his bitterness. But as he speaks tenderly to her at their pastor’s behest, the love he once felt for her begins to surface and fill his heart.

Now, as the two struggle with forgiving and being forgiven, they find that reconciliation is possible – but only if they look beyond what was and deal with the trouble that’s followed Isobel back into Tory’s arms.

6 thoughts

  1. Wow, she certainly has a deep seated flight instinct as the solution to everything. Interesting snippet, helps me understand her and even feel a bit of sympathy. Great 8!

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