Weekend Writing Warriors: Stay With Me


Welcome to another week of Weekend Writing Warriors. Today’s selection comes from my WIP, Stay With Me. Noah’s life is turned upside when a strange, but beautiful woman – Alma – walks up to him and kisses him. Now he wants to know who the mystery woman is and, perchance, get to know her. But keeping up with her – and her secrets – may prove more difficult than he imagined. This week, he meets the mysterious Alma. 

That’s when he saw her at the end of the aisle – a dark-haired beauty with tresses that bounced as she walked; an almond-shaped face with the most natural skin he had ever seen and beautiful brown eyes.

Noah had seen her in the store before on a couple of occasions, but each time, he was otherwise occupied with Mr. Bill or a customer who needed something from the storeroom. It occurred to him then just how striking she was, but now, as she moved closer to him, he found himself captivated by her beauty. There was something so natural and wondrously intoxicating about her, Noah couldn’t help but stare. He stopped walking and simply stood in the aisle, waiting as she came close to him. Her steps were soft on the carpet, her feet small and dainty. She was shapely, filling every inch of the sleeveless dress she had on, her hips swaying as she approached him.

You should probably move out of her way, he thought to himself, but found his brain had ceased communicating to the rest of his body.

I encourage to stop by the other sites and read the snippets from the other authors. As always, I love your comments and feedback. Have a great week.  

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