Weekend Writing Warriors: Like She Belonged There


Welcome to another week of Weekend Writing Warriors. Today’s selection comes from my WIP, Stay With Me. In this installment, Noah has succumbed to the mystery woman’s advances – quite happily. The synopsis is below.

She felt soft in his embrace, warm, inviting, like she belonged there. And for the moment, she did – Noah was never this spontaneous, or daring, but something about her felt right.

The woman took his lower lip in her mouth and gently sucked on it. Then she released it and pulled back ever so slowly as she opened her eyes. There was a brief flash of vulnerability in them, followed by a glint of mischief. She gave him a smile, dropped her arms and took a step back away from him. Noah suddenly felt empty without her. And he still couldn’t function; nor could he move or even speak; it seemed she had robbed him of everything but his breath.

Synopsis: Noah’s life is turned upside when an unknown, but beautiful woman – Alma – walks up to him and kisses him. Now he wants to know who the mystery woman is and, perchance, get to know her. But keeping up with her – and her secrets – may prove more difficult than he imagined.

I encourage you to stop by the other author sites and read their snippets. As always, I love your comments and feedback. Have a great week.  

4 thoughts

  1. This snippet was confusing for me at first, likely because I don’t have what came before. At first I thought the speaker was a lesbian woman enjoying a man for the first time…and I read it several times, till I understood he is referring to himself in first person. I’m sure with coffee and the previous lines this would have made sense quicker : ) When she steps back…I’d give away from him the red pencil. It’ll clean it up.

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