Summer Giveaway


In years past, when school ended, the first thing I usually did with the kids was take them to the library, where they picked up their summer reading worksheet and began a marvelous journey filled with dragons and knights, hobbits and witches, and diaper-clad heroes. As they got older, I experimented with adding classics to their lists, only to fail miserably. All teenagers now, reading is the last thing they think about when summer comes around, but I take comfort in knowing one day they will do the same with their kids. Hopefully.

I, myself, enjoy reading all year round, but summer is an especially enjoyable because of the extra time vacations and long weekends provide. I’ve never been one really to read anywhere, like beaches and green, grassy knolls, but I love curling up on the couch and reading a good book.

In honor of those occasions, I am giving away ten autographed copies of my book, Speak Tenderly To Her, along with a lovely antique Tibetan silver carved hook bookmark. Even if you’ve read the book, enter anyway and share the book with a friend.

Enter by…
(1) Showing this post some love.
(2) Sharing it with your friends.
(3) Let me know which of the two (or both) you did in a comment here.

Winners will be chosen June 30. Good luck.

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