What’s Ruth Reading

I am a reader as much as I am a writer; and I like to always be reading something. Whether it’s romance, history or fantasy, I enjoy learning new things and exploring new worlds. Cliche, I know. Still, I believe it’s true and more than that, it helps you hone your skills when words are your choice of career.

So with that, I present what I hope is the first of many posts, sharing with you what I am reading and what I think of the book. A review. Ready?

George Washington’s Secret Six by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger

Chronicling the history of the first American spy ring, I started reading this book for one reason only: one of the six spies was a woman. Considering the time frame (late 1700’s), the fact that her involvement was recorded was amazing. But when you start reading the book, you discover the whole history to be amazing.

Following the loss of New York in the early part of the war, George Washington realized it wasn’t by might that he was going to win – he’d have to outwit the British and the only way he as going to do that was through information. His initial attempts at infiltrating the enemy ended with the death of his spy. But as the situation grew grave, Washington changed tactics, set up a spy master and let him grow the ring. What followed were processes and methods that are still employed today in the spy game. 

Sadly, the identity of the woman was never discovered, but it was because of her willingness and patriotism, as well as the other men involved, that we are the home of the free and the brave. 

Mr. Kilmeade and Yaeger did a good job mapping out the story and making it easy to follow along. The language was simple, and supported by years of research. Whether you’re a history buff or not, the book is a great addition to your library and a great read. 

What I am reading next: Let Me In by John Ajvide Lindqvist

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