What’s Ruth Reading: The Hitman Diaries

I just finished reading Danny King’s The Hitman Diaries. Like three hours ago. So, since this is still fresh in my mind, this is what we’re writing about. Then tomorrow we’re going to discuss why we (as authors) are mean to our characters.


13171349-_uy200_Ian Bridges is looking for Miss Right. Never mind that he’s a hitman, who is very good at his job because he feels no remorse. If he can just find the right woman who will be grateful for all the love he has to offer, then his life will be complete. Of course, life is never that easy. Never.

I picked up this book after reading Danny King’s “The Henchmen’s Book Club” – I loved that book and was certain I’d love this one. Well….. I started the book and didn’t know quite what to think when the body count started adding up in the first chapter alone. I wasn’t sure if I liked the main character or not and was ready at one point to stop reading, but found I couldn’t, because I had to know what happened next. Then about midway through, I found myself caring for Ian and his quest for love, so that by the time I finished the book, I was heartbroken to have to leave Ian’s world so soon. That’s an amazing gift for any author – though I’m not sure what that says about you when you start rooting for the “bad guy”.

All-in-all, the characters were well-developed as was the world they live in. There were descriptions of killing and death, though nothing too graphic. Thoroughly enjoyable. My only complaint was that it ended.

Well-done, Mr. King.


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