Whatsoever You Desire

A couple of weeks ago I noted on social media that I had completed the first chapter of my next book and promised an excerpt, if I didn’t change it. Well, I changed it – some – so I’m not posting it just yet, but to make good on my promise, I am sharing the cover and synopsis to whet your appetite. What do you think?


Shannon has known everything but the love of a good woman. A successful attorney who is in the process of moving back home to care for his elderly mother, he wants for nothing – until he meets Joya, the widowed daughter-in-law of a family friend. She brings a much-needed spark into his life; but because she is younger than him and still dealing with the loss of her husband, he is hesitant to approach her. This of course will not do for his mother Evelyn and her friend Gail, Joya’s mother-in-law, who are determined to match the two. Neither Shannon nor Joya are completely oblivious to their machinations, but as the two contend with the directions their lives are moving, both find that sometimes it’s not a question of falling in love but allowing yourself to be loved that matters. 

#WhatsoeverYouDesire #Romance #Books #Comingin2017

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