That Time I Offended Alexa…


So there was that time I offended Alexa…I was on Twitter when I read about Marianna Palka’s film ‘Bitch’. I don’t swear a whole lot, but I was intrigued by the title. More so by the premise when I got a chance to read about it. I was unable to watch the film for another week, but when I was finally able to carve out some time to do so, I preceded to ask Alexa (on my Amazon Fire Stick) to find the play ‘Bitch’. She took that personally and proceeded to get offended. She said, “Well…” with an obvious attitude and tone in her voice, and stopped talking to me. She wouldn’t even take my apology.

There’s a first for everything, right?

In any case, once I got everything straightened out with Alexa (though we’re still not on speaking terms), I watched the film. I was a big fan of John Ritter and was pleasantly surprised to find his son, Jason Ritter, was in it. He portrayed, Bill, the philandering and lying husband to Marianna Palka’s Jill, who was struggling with life in general. Her kids didn’t appreciate her and her husband…well, he wasn’t there for her for aforementioned reasons. Unbeknownst to her family, she attempted to commit suicide, but even that didn’t go right and she shattered the chandelier in the dining room instead. Then one day, she disappeared. The kids barely noticed until the husband had to pick up ‘her slack’. That was when they found her–in the basement, naked and having taken on the persona of a dog, hence the title of the film.

I usually read the reviews of any product I am about to partake of and as expected, the reviews for ‘Bitch’ were separated down the middle of the road–women loved it, men panned it as sexist and not worth anyone’s time. I fell into the I-loved-the-film camp. Oh, there were certain aspects that required you to suspend your belief, but overall, the message of the film was louder than any perceived issues. And it wasn’t that men are bad and the reason that wives go crazy. Nope. If you ask me, the message was this–we need to listen to each other.

Even though central theme of the film was Jill and her issues, it also focused on Bill and his issues. I never got the impression that Marianna Palka (who also wrote and directed the film) was trying to bash men. No, because Jill was a woman, a wife and a mother, her responses were tied to her relationships with them, her husband especially. Bill, on the other hand, had turned to another woman and his job to find fulfillment, but once things became real–and really embarrassing–for him, he was able to find himself, enabling Jill to find herself again. This wouldn’t have been capable if they didn’t listen to each other.

I could try to tie all this into Mental Health Awareness Month. The subject matter is definitely applicable as is the message. But the fact is, this is something we need to do on a daily basis, not just the one month of the year that we’re deliberate about focusing on our mental health. No man is an island and as such, we need to stop living our lives like we are. We were made for each other, made to be there for each other, made to help each other heal, whether it’s with an email saying, ‘just checking in on you,’ a text, a phone call, or sitting with someone and listening about their hurts. This is what we were made to do; and our world–and our mental health–would be better for it if more people chose to do that.

I encourage you to watch ‘Bitch’. Just don’t ask Alexa to find it for you.

#MenthalHealthAwarenessMonth #MentalHealth #MentalWellness #YouAreNotAlone

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