Weekend Writing Warriors: Wishful Thinking

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, where participants share excerpts of their books or works-in-progress. It’s a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! Be sure to check out their website. Today’s selection comes from my book, The Best Love (the full synopsis is below). Julieta has had a crush on Alex, her brother’s friend, for a long time; and now that she’s home recuperating after a bad accident, she finds herself with nothing but time to day-dream about what could be…


Julieta was too young to do anything about her crush then, but she had recently celebrated her twenty-second birthday, making her old enough to date him and fulfill his every desire, should he ever ask.

But it was all wishful thinking on her part: Alex had never shown interest in her and even if he did, her over-protective brother would never allow it. Manny had spent her teenaged years warning her about men who were nothing but trouble to good girls like her. Men, like Alex, who had spent time in prison and wanted only one thing from women: sex. Now that she was older and aware of her own sexuality, the thought was actually quite appealing. And to be frank, his past didn’t bother her at all—everyone deserved second chances. But she also knew she would never convince either of them that a relationship was worth pursuing.

Still, it didn’t stop her from fantasizing.


Front Cover“Ever since the accident…”

Julieta cringes every time she hears those words. Everything lately is a result of ‘the accident’, and she is so over it: after almost losing her life, Julieta’s had to make adjustments to deal with some of the challenges she now faces – physical therapy to regain use of her leg, lost school time and lower self-esteem, among them.

However, none of those changes compare to the ones in the people around her: her brother Manny is pushing her like he’s never done before; her sister-in-law Sonia is nesting and treating her like a daughter; and Manny’s friend Alex is now offering her the attention she’s been craving from him for years. So maybe good things do come out of bad situations…

Except that when Julieta finds out why Alex has been so attentive, her world comes crashing down. With her already-fractured family now at odds with each other, she is ready to give up on the notions of fate and love and happily-ever-after’s, when another accident shows them that sometimes the best love is one that begins accidentally.

The book is available at AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooks and Kobo.

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