Stay With Me (Review)

I’ve been posting snippets from my book, Stay With Me, these last few Sundays. I’ll be starting on a new book tomorrow, but I wanted to share this review with you from Daria White for Reqders’ Favorite. I’m not gonna lie, it’s my favorite.


“Stay With Me by Ruth E. Griffin tells the story of shy, kind, and gentle Noah. He works at a bookstore and is content with his life. He doesn’t think he needs to change to be happy. He’s fine the way he is, but when free spirited Alma shows up, his world turns upside down. She walked into the bookstore and kissed him randomly. Not only does it surprise Noah, he likes it. He likes her. He wants to pursue and get to know her. Alma, on the other hand, objects to Noah’s advances. For her, the kiss was a once in a lifetime thrill. She has other plans for her life, and a relationship with Noah doesn’t fit into them. Will Noah leave her alone or is she worth fighting for? Noah will find that there is a fine line that others advise him not to cross, but will he heed their advice?

“Stay With Me by Ruth E. Griffin took me on a serious roller-coaster ride. I was not expecting Griffin to have my emotions gripped from the beginning to the end. Noah’s life changing journey is not only entertaining, but heart wrenching. Recently, alpha male characters have become popular, so Noah’s gentle but strong spirit is touching and refreshing. I was rooting for him! I read this book literally in a day and a half. While the story has its humorous points, Griffin delves into some serious themes which take the story to another level. I was really touched by this book. It’s truly unforgettable, since both lead characters leave an impression on the reader. To the author, I say well done!”

Intrigued? The book is available at AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooks and Kobo. Get your copy today!

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