Full of Grace (April 1)

If you’ve been following the story (in real time), it’s been a month since Mary had a visitation from the angel Gabriel, who told her she would bear the promised Messiah. And while it takes faith to believe even an ounce of that, at some point, the natural process takes over…

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1 Iyar

Mary sits up on her mat. It’s still dark outside; however, she can’t sleep any more, unlike her brother and sisters. Their slumber is deep and unaffected by the concerns of the world…concerns that are robbing Mary of sleep: her menstrual cycle was late and there was no indication it was coming.

And why should there be, she chastises herself. Isn’t that what the malakh said?

She sighs and lays back down, pulling her blanket up to her chin. Its smell and familiarity are comforting, yet not enough to give her peace. This was supposed to be a time of celebration. Their long-awaited savior was coming. G-d had heard them and had answered their prayers. He had honored her, yet all she could do was worry. Her parents had insisted she not speak of the incident, while Joseph remained oblivious. What was she supposed to do?

Mary pulls the blanket over her head. She had to talk to her parents. And Joseph, especially Joseph. The longer she waited, the harder it would be for him. Would he believe she had not been faithful? Surely, he wouldn’t. He had to know she cared for him and would never do that.

She sits up again, frustration abounding. She should have told him the same day.

She sighs once more. It was too late to lament that now.

Mary lies back down again. All she could do now was talk to her parents and move forward. She listens as Kyla snores, Oprah turns over on her mat and Nathan mumbles something in his sleep—all while she was wide awake. Yes, the sooner she talked to her parents, the better.

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