Weekend Writing Warriors: My Sordid Tale

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, where participants share excerpts of their books or works-in-progress. It’s a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! Be sure to check out their website. Today’s selection comes from my book, Stepmothers Anonymous (the full synopsis is below). What is a villain without an origin story? As Abbey continues sharing, she comes to the part that she considers the start of her sordid tale.


Despite my willingness to label myself as ‘wicked’ though, my story actually began very differently. My recent actions may have coincided with Election Night, but my sordid tale actually began some eighteen years ago with a man named Todd Bishop.

Todd was my first love. At the time I thought it was true love, but that was not the case – at least for him. He had a wandering eye and was on his second affair by the time I gave birth to our first daughter, Nicole. To his credit, Todd remained faithful for a time, as Nicole developed into a sweet, smart, little girl; but I just couldn’t keep his interest. You see, I am what some might call plus-size (fat, if you’re inclined to be politically incorrect); though I’ve been told I have a pretty face. Still, when your husband is handsome, with baby blue eyes, shaggy brown hair and a killer body that makes women weak at the knees, a pretty face just isn’t enough to maintain a marriage.



Abbey wasn’t always a wicked stepmother. Once upon a time, she was just an average, single mother, whose life revolved around her two daughters. Then the handsome and charming Bradley Mauer came into her life and swept her off her feet. Abbey was ready to live “happily-ever-after” – until reality set in, bringing with it an incorrigible stepdaughter, newfound telekinetic powers and betrayal by friends and family. Not even the support of her stepmothers’ group was enough to belay her life from meeting the same fate as the fairy tale villainess. So with few options left to her, Abbey decides to embrace her role as a wicked stepmother and make her own happy ending.

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14 thoughts

  1. As a plus size lady myself, I went through the whole “oh, if I were only thin and pretty I’d have the men falling at my feet and they’d never use or hurt me” crap for all too many years. I heard the “pretty face” bit more than once, and these days it doesn’t make me ashamed, it just makes me angry. People who say that kind of crap to me say it just once.
    Sadly, it took me 33 years of yo-yo dieting, disordered eating, and self-loathing to realize that I was never going to be a petite delicate flower, to accept myself as I am even if I may never exactly be in love with what I look like. In truth, a large physique is no less attractive than a more slender one, we have just been taught that it is less attractive. I’m not looking for a man at this point (the one that was good for me developed a myriad of health problems and died), but if I was, any of them that tried to make me feel bad about my body would get an earful about how he could stick his head where the sun don’t shine after I did him the courtesy of removing it for him.
    I’m pretty passionate about the issue of appearance shaming. I’ve had to deal with it all my life, and I won’t put up with it. Your character’s voice echoes what mine was for all too many years.

    1. I appreciate the comment, Cara. I, too, have been overweight one way or another most of my life and like you, I’ve come to the point where the opinions of others no longer rile me up, except to correct them. That’s one of the reasons I love this story: the fairy tale parts of the story might not be true to life, but Abbey and her experiences are. I can give voice to a heroine, or in this case, an anti-heroine, others can relate to. And again, it’s a fairy tale, but hopefully others can walk away after reading it a little taller, a little prouder.

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