Weekend Writing Warriors: You Are Not My Mother!

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, where participants share excerpts of their books or works-in-progress. It’s a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! Be sure to check out their website. Today’s selection comes from my book, Stepmothers Anonymous (the full synopsis is below). Abbey had her misgivings after meeting Grace and Sara, Bradley’s mother and daughter, respectively. The meeting was disastrous on many levels, but Abbey doesn’t let it stop her from marrying Bradley. Fast forward past the wedding and the honeymoon; and Abbey decides to pick her daughters and stepdaughter up from school. Needless to say, things keep getting worse.


Sara pulled her arm out of mine and said, with as much venom in her voice as a rattled adder, “You are not my mother!”

I had never considered the challenges of being a stepparent before I met Bradley but I had seen enough television to know that beyond the everyday struggles of trying to blend two families, there was the obligatory argument where the child corrects the stepparent and declares they are not their parent. This was it; and it had come barely two weeks after the wedding.

At least it was out of the way.

“Regardless, you’re still coming,” I said, trying not to encourage a scene. Lisa was still watching me and to be honest, I was beginning to get a little embarrassed myself. I took Sara by the arm again and literally dragged her to the car. She pouted the entire way.



Abbey wasn’t always a wicked stepmother. Once upon a time, she was just an average, single mother, whose life revolved around her two daughters. Then the handsome and charming Bradley Mauer came into her life and swept her off her feet. Abbey was ready to live “happily-ever-after” – until reality set in, bringing with it an incorrigible stepdaughter, newfound telekinetic powers and betrayal by friends and family. Not even the support of her stepmothers’ group was enough to belay her life from meeting the same fate as the fairy tale villainess. So with few options left to her, Abbey decides to embrace her role as a wicked stepmother and make her own happy ending.

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