Weekend Writing Warriors: On The Record

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, where participants share excerpts of their books or works-in-progress. It’s a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! Be sure to check out their website. Today’s selection comes from my book, Stepmothers Anonymous (the full synopsis is below). Picking up where we left off last week, Abbey decided to pick up her daughter Nicole and her stepdaughter Sara from the high school. Sara was not so accommodating and quickly reminded Abbey she was just the stepmother. Aptly humbled and humiliated, Abbey pushes forward and insists on taking her home. First, though, she has to get Nicole…


Then I saw her amongst the students still pouring out of the school; I honked the horn a couple of times to get her attention. She didn’t look totally humiliated and that made me feel better; I gestured for her to wait where she was.

“Get in; we’re going to get Nicole,” I said to Sara. The door slammed shut and I threw the car into reverse.

I should note at this point in the two decades I’ve been driving, I’ve never had an accident (though I did bump into a parked car, but that doesn’t count), I’ve never gotten a ticket and I’ve never been pulled over by the police for any reason. Not that this excuses what happened; I just wanted that on the record.

I backed up until I heard a piercing scream. I hit the brakes and turned around to see Sara was not in the car–she was still outside and I had run over her foot!



Abbey wasn’t always a wicked stepmother. Once upon a time, she was just an average, single mother, whose life revolved around her two daughters. Then the handsome and charming Bradley Mauer came into her life and swept her off her feet. Abbey was ready to live “happily-ever-after” – until reality set in, bringing with it an incorrigible stepdaughter, newfound telekinetic powers and betrayal by friends and family. Not even the support of her stepmothers’ group was enough to belay her life from meeting the same fate as the fairy tale villainess. So with few options left to her, Abbey decides to embrace her role as a wicked stepmother and make her own happy ending.

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9 thoughts

  1. An understandable assumption, but still no excuse for not looking back – so she could verify the kid was in the car. That’s not going to be an easily forgivable mistake!

  2. Oh, crap. And yeah, she still should have looked behind her–another student could have been crossing there also. So yeah, strike one against the stepmother. 😦

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