Just Another Night

Growing up, my mom never let us stay up for New Years’ Eve. She would say, “It’s just another night,” and send us to bed. Looking back, this was probably her way of not having to deal with cranky kids in the morning, but I also think she was right. While New Years’ Eve and the ensuing weeks allow us to refocus our attention to the things we didn’t do in the past year, it is also just a continuation of the life we’re already living.

Now I will admit there are times I can be something of a fatalist, but I think by placing so much emphasis on the ‘New Year’, we inadvertently reset our efforts. We talk about ‘new year, new me’, we make resolutions, we look for ways to do new things, but how often do we look at what we did and celebrate that? Think about all the times you’ve heard, ‘Last year was hell…’ and ‘Last year was the worst year…’ in the recent weeks. Was it really that bad? Or is it a case of what you’re focusing on? And please understand, I’m not saying we should deny anything that didn’t go according to plan, or worse, impacted us negatively, but let me ask this: what went right? What, in 2019, was worth celebrating? What happened right that doesn’t need resetting, but fortifying? What can you take into 2020 and beyond?

I started my self-improvement journey about five years ago, but only got serious in 2018. That’s when I started seeing results in my physical and mental health. It continued into 2019 and will find a climax in 2020. I can say that because I learned some things about planning and mindsets. Does that mean that everything went right last year? Not by any stretch of the imagination, but there was a lot worth celebrating. And as someone who once considered herself a born pessimist, for me to say, ‘Look at the silver-lining,’ is an improvement I definitely need to take with me into 2020.

John Lubbuck said, ‘What we do see depends mainly on what we look for.’ Are you looking at 2020 as something that needs to be fixed already? Or are you seeing what you’ve accomplished already? Because 2020 is just another year, a continuation of the life you’re already living. And from where I’m sitting, 2020 is already looking great.

2 thoughts

  1. As a kid, I got to stay up late from a young age. Our family tradition was penny ante poker overseen by Uncle Palmer. I loved it. Saved up my pennies for months ahead. Amazingly, none of us kids ended up with a gambling disorder.

    I guess the lesson I learned was that the new year is always a gamble, so you put your money down and take your chances.

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