Eating Out

“If you cleanse it, will they come?”

I heard that on 60 Minutes and to be honest, since I had nothing else on queue, that’s what I’m going to write about.

I had a taste for Mexican food this past week and my daughter and I stopped at our favorite Mexican restaurant to get some carry-out. This was my second time ordering out since the pandemic started so I was excited and then surprised to find that this restaurant was actually open for dine-in. I considered sitting down for half a second. Then my daughter said, “No,” in that special way that teenagers say no that tells you you are about two inches tall in their sight. And so we took our meals home.

I miss eating out. I miss going to restaurants of different cultures and varying tastes and sitting down at someone else’s table to enjoy foods I don’t necessarily have the talent to cook myself.

I realize that a lot of restaurants are open (conditionally) but with no COVID-19 vaccine yet, I hesitate to return to what was. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that frequenting restaurants during the pandemic, which I guess is still going on, will help them. In fact, I have done my part to support a local coffee shop in my neighborhood (to the point where they now know me by name and favorite drink), but even walking into that shop to pick up my drink has been difficult. This was the place I would hang out in to get work done, to read, to edit, to create.


So, let’s go back to the original question—if you cleanse it, will they come? I think so. We drove through a neighboring city this weekend and saw many, MANY people enjoying their meals at various restaurants. Does that mean I’m being overly-cautious? Probably. I mean, society has to reopen at some point, right?

I guess we can only do what’s best for each of us. Maybe I’ll venture out again or maybe I’ll wait a few more weeks, who knows? We’ll find out when I get another craving for vegetarian fajitas or bean arepas, with arroz con frijoles and platanos.

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