Happy Birthday To Me

I am beginning to understand why people speak of being so many years young. I thought it was nothing but a trend (same as parents sharing their child’s age in months [i.e. “‘Timmy’ is one hundred and forty-six months old today…” {true story; names have been changed to protect the innocent–also math wasn’t done; I have no idea how old ‘Timmy’ is}]), maybe even an annoying cultural thing started by a disgruntled Millennial, but I’m getting it. I celebrated my forty-seventh birthday today and even though my body feels every bit its age with the chronic sacroiliac joint pain, headaches, and mandatory wearing of comfortable shoes, my mind feels like it peaked at twenty-nine and just stayed there.

This is truly an interesting phenomena, because I look at the fact that I have three adult children and still remember changing diapers, taking them to school, helping them with homework, watching movies together and playing games with them. We’ve all aged, but these memories and thoughts are imprinted onto my brain, almost marking time and telling me, “Hey, we’re still in 2001.”

I mean, think about it–that was twenty years ago!

I’m not a senior citizen just yet, nor am I close to retiring, but the truth is, that time will be here soon. So how do I reconcile feeling like I just started living, when my body feel like it’s slowing down? I’m not saying I have one foot in the grave, but sheesh, whoever said, “Youth is wasted on the young,” wasn’t lying.

I have to say though, I now understand why the elderly tend to be feisty and are at times viewed as mean–they’re fighting time. I’m sure if I feel like I’m only twenty-nine while being forty-seven, they may feel forty-nine at seventy and honestly, that’s not that old.

I remember being young (mid-1980s), counting ahead to the year 2014, when I would turn thirty-nine (I don’t know why I picked that age) and thinking, “That’s old.”

How cute <insert eye roll>.

Anyway, I’m forty-seven years YOUNG as of today. As trendy (or annoying, depending on your definition of it) as that may sound, that’s where I am–a twenty-nine year old woman in a forty-seven year old body. I don’t mind sharing my age, because I’m proud of the fact that I made it this far. (Shameless plug: you can read more about that in my latest book, ‘When Love Is Angry‘ conveniently linked here, and in my last post, which tells me I need to post more often.)

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