Vegas or Bust

I was going to post something on Tuesday but then I decided to wait until Saturday. However, the way my week is going, I’m going to do it now: I’m leaving. Don’t worry, I’m just going on vacation.

My husband and I are going to Vegas for four days. We went there last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. We did a lot of sight-seeing and eating; but for all we saw and ate, there was just as much we didn’t. So, we’re leaving Saturday night and coming back Thursday morning.

And as much as I like you all and appreciate you stopping by my blog, I will not be posting anything until late next week, when I have my story straight…because you know, whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Vacation…Not Really

I am on vacation this week…but not really. While I do have the week off, I am using it to assist my husband. He has a booth at the NC State Fair for his barbeque sauce. You can visit his site for details about the sauce or follow me on Twitter as I chronicle this event. I plan to post my six sentences on Sunday, but I doubt I’ll have time for anymore. That said, I have a booth to get back to. Enjoy the rest of your week.


I am on vacation. Not the lounging-at-the-beach-on-a-hammock-type vacation, but on vacation nonetheless. I plan only a couple of posts this week, but as always, they will be good ones. Enjoy your holiday, or your week as the case may be.